Minimum Wage at $15 – Yes? No?

In November 2013, voters in SeaTac has approved a minimum wage of $15 for airport-related work and many activist have been pushing issue up north. There are a fair amount of thoughts on this issue and it seems many people are conflicted by this issue as they are not as informed depending on which city they reside in.

We decided to set up a poll online asking students in UW Bothell whether they agree with raising the minimum wage.

This is the poll result overnight:

According to the poll results, about 62% of the people who voted would vote to increase the minimum wage, 20% said no and a rough estimate of 18% said they don’t know enough to comment or do not really care so we went down the street the next day and decided to check out what some of the students think about this issue.




“I’m not sure because it could affect the small business I work for and I wouldn’t want to lose my job.”
 Heaven Tekleab (Junior – Community Psychology w/ a Minor in Human Rights)









“Working for a small business, I can understand why they can’t pay me $15 an hour without hurting the business.”
Austen Harp (Junior – E.E.)









On why he supports the increase, “Time is money.”
Eric “Jet” Tugublimas (Senior – E.E.)









“I think the current minimum wage is too small.  You can’t live off of $9.32 an hour.”
Wyn Bagaoisan (Sophomore – E.E.)









“It is a gentrification issue.  It’s complicated.  But it’s [raising the minimum wage] better than not doing anything.” Nathan Stout (M.A. – Cultural Studies)
“Higher minimum wage could result in lower jobs.”  “Most minimum wage jobs aren’t hard to get.” Anon.
What is your take on this issue? Yes? No?

By Clarrie Ng

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  1. springer1521

    March 7, 2014 at 12:27 pm

    “No raising the minimum wage won’t kill the economy in 9 charts”

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