“Gettin’ TIPSy” in the commons

By Simoné Walcott
Staff Writer

Last Wednesday, UWB students got their buzz on in the UW2 Commons.

The event, “Gettin’ TIPSy,” sought to provide students with the facts about alcohol use in a fun and social environment. It was put on by Health Educators Reaching Out (HEROs), Campus Events Board (CEB) and RA’s from Husky Village.

To have access to non-alcoholic “mocktails” at the “Edu-Bar,” students had to anonymously fill out an Alcohol Survey where they answer true/false questions about their own alcohol use and knowledge. Each student was then given a stamp card to track the drinks they consumed throughout the evening. Mocktails offered included Runaway Rum (cola), Sparkling Delight (apple cider), Rainbow Martini (fruit punch and sparkling water), Virgin Mimosa (orange juice and sparkling water), Rockstar Root Beer (root beer with a touch of vanilla) and Sangría Punch (fruit punch).

With each drink handed out, the two people from HEROs running the bar would have students calculate their estimated blood alcohol content (BAC) with charts conveniently located on either side of the table.

“Spin Zee Wheel of Alcohol Knowledge” was another way for students to learn about alcohol use. The wheel had 12 mini-envelopes attached to it that contained things like speed trivia and flip cup trivia. One of the envelopes held a hidden prize: a pass to get free CPR certification at the UWB.

“Walk the Line Relay Race” was a fun challenge where students could walk on a straight line, spin around a stool, and then hopscotch back all while racing against another student with “Beer Goggles” distorting their vision.

To create lasting memories of the event, there was the “Be Wise and Party W/ Open Eyes” photo booth, wherein HEROs would take instantly developing photographs of students. The pictures could then be decorated over at the craft table.

All in attendance received a foldable, wallet-sized “University of Washington Bothell BAC Card.” It’s a tool to keep track of blood alcohol content in any situation. Small cards with phone numbers of cab companies that service the Seattle, Bellevue and Kirkland area were also handed out.

At the end of the evening, the tables of the UW2 Commons were littered with plastic red cups. While lots of fun was had, students left with the knowledge and tools to help them make more conscious and safe decisions about alcohol consumption.

If you missed this event,“like” the Husky HEROs on Facebook to stay up to date on other health and wellness events they host on campus.

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