One Gun Shy begins recording at Robert Lang Studios

By Julia Hodges

“One Gun Shy” is up to big things. The band, which was highlighted in an earlier article, has started recording their debut album at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle. Thirteen songs will end up on the finished album which will be for sale on iTunes, at their live shows and on the “One Gun Shy” website.  A completion date for the album has not been decided quite yet, but keep your ears and eyes open.

The band began recording a few weeks ago. They admit it has been a long process with a few bumps in the road, but nonetheless, the band hopes to have the album released this summer.

Bobby Znak, the band leader and UW Bothell student, was pretty worried about Nate Bushmaker’s recent sex change and the affects it could have on the band.  “It was a little nerve-racking when Nate went through his sex change operation. We didn’t know if he was gonna come out of it the same guy,” Znak said.  Nate is fine now, and is still the same person he always was; there is tons of humor and joking among this lighthearted band.

The album, tentatively titled “Dark Passenger” will consist of a mixture of songs, many of which are similar to the high energy pieces that “One Gun Shy” is known for at their shows. It will also feature several slower ones that they are planning to play at acoustic shows later this summer.

“All songs I believe will be new to all audiences, because we are unknown,”  Olivier Spencer said about the different tracks. The band is excited to bring their music to the public and to gain a larger fan base.

According to Bushmaker, the shows that “One Gun Shy” has performed in the past have all been learning experiences. “We are always striving to perform the songs in their best possible light, and I don’t think we’ve ever played a show where we were completely satisfied with our performance,” Bushmaker said.

In the future, the band plans to continue working on the album, hopefully selling it once it is out. They will also be performing gig after gig until they have developed a steady group of fans. Chris Womble says there are some fun plans for the band in the future, including creating a movie soundtrack, signing with a label, and doing a tour. Hopefully the plans work out. For now, “One Gun Shy” is just going to keep working on being the best local band they can be.

To learn more about the band, view our previous article, entitled “Meet the band: UW Bothell student Bobby Znak to record at acclaimed studio.”

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