Meet the band: UW Bothell student Bobby Znak to record at acclaimed studio

By Julia Hodges

Bobby Znak, a student in the UW Bothell Master of Education program, “loves crunchy, gritty hard rock.” That love is what drives the types of songs he writes and performs with his fellow band members Chris Womble, Nate Bushmaker and Oliver Spencer.

These four men make comprise the cleverly named band, “One Gun Shy.” The term is a guitar reference- it means that one guitar is missing from the ensemble. In the early stages of the band formation, the guys wanted another guitar player. They kept placing ads on Craigslist, but to no avail. So they were, as it seemed “one gun shy” and the name stuck.

The band has been together since December of 2011.

Photo Credit to: Leonardo Harrell

As of recently, they have been continuously practicing their music in anticipation for their scheduled recording session at Robert Lang Studios in early May. Robert Lang Studios is a Seattle-based studio that has produced records with Nirvana, the Foo Fighters, Death Cab for Cutie, Alice in Chains and many other well-known bands and musicians. The work of the studio can be reflected in their awards. To date, six of their productions have gone platinum, 10 have gone gold, and two have been awarded Grammys.

While anxiously awaiting the day their record is cut, the band is performing at local gigs around the Seattle area. The next show is scheduled for Fri., April 27, at 7 pm at Studio Seven in Seattle. Check out some of “One Gun Shy’s” music on their Facebook page, then head over to Seattle to see the show and support an up-and-coming UW Bothell artist!

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