Horoscopes January 31 – February 6

By Patricia El Koury

Aries—You’re going to be crazy busy Aries. Finding time to relax by the end of the week could mean the difference between being happy and ending up throwing a temper tantrum. You should be able to get all those tasks done, but be prepared to make some snap decisions about how your time is being spent. Your series scope is Larkrise to Candleford.

Taurus—You can stay on top of things if you utilize the network you’ve cultivated Taurus. While the point of making these connections shouldn’t always be what you can get out of people, you will find that aspect useful starting midweek. Maybe someone you know has a talent you could learn from or a connection to something you need to create dialog in. Your tarot card scope is the Eight of Swords reversed.

Gemini—This week your attention will be geared toward group efforts Gemini. Perhaps there’s a sticky situation about to rear its ugly head. Try to approach differing viewpoints with calm openness. Maybe the trouble isn’t that you disagree with one another, but that you are misunderstanding what is being said. Your artist scope is Wim Delvoye.

Cancer—The study rooms are not sound proof Cancer. Take it for what it is. Some unhappy neighbors may not appreciate your good humor so try to keep it quiet. In other news, you are in for a rather smooth week, all things considered. Keep crazy family members at bay and stay off the addictive apps to get ahead this week. Your song scope is “Crazy for You” by Best Coast.

Leo—Romantic thoughts may distract you this week Leo. If something that seemed so perfect suddenly went kaput, try to reevaluate your methods. Listen more to what they have to say to show them how much you care. You’ll be back on top in no time so get ready to say sayonara to self doubt. Your movie scope is Six String Samurai.

Virgo—This is your week to shine Virgo. Your superior organization skills will serve you well for midterms. While success isn’t something you just fall in to, you do have all the studious patience required to earn high marks. Let struggling friends know you can help them study if they need it, but you’re likely better off on your own. Your animal companion is a long haired Chihuahua.

Libra—Ever feel like you’re the only one not actually having fun Libra? Someone else is bound to notice that the smile on your face is just an automatic response when your mind is wandering elsewhere. If need be, run away with this person this week. That way, the two of can try to find some real smiles before getting back to the grindstone. Your anime scope is Cowboy Bebop.

Scorpio—Now is the time Scorpio. You’ve got all the information you need to make a well informed decision, so go ahead and do it. Be sure the way you lay it all out is clear and thought out. It’d be such a waste of your excellent ideas if the delivery mashed up all the points into something resembling canned corned beef hash. Your smell-o-scope is fresh cut grass.

Ophiuchus—This midterm week is no sweat for you Ophiuchus. While this may awe and annoy friends, you should enjoy your moment. Some things just come quicker to you than others. That being said, don’t procrastinate too much. There may be one nagging question or missing link that you normally wouldn’t overlook if you make a little time to study. Your dessert scope is cheesecake topped with raspberries.

Sagittarius—Don’t be the chimney sweep Sagittarius. Someone wants you to clean up the mess (group project, ahem?), but they aren’t willing to get in there with you. If they’re the sort who just needs a little direction, give them some suggestions on how they might help. If they’re genuinely lazy, do your part and document the rest for your professor. Your weird word scope is bafflegab.

Capricorn—Beware the essay-wok, my friend. The papers that bite, the writing that withers. Okay, really. Watch out for writing assignments this week Capricorn. They will demand more attention than you originally anticipated. Use your vorpal keyboard and get those ideas organized, or at the very least, prepare for one very long harrowing night. Your flora scope is camellias. Your last supper scope is New York steak cooked medium rare with garlic mashed potatoes.

Aquarius—Happy birthday to those of your sign who are celebrating this week! No one could ever accuse you of aging. With the spirit of mischief and inquisitiveness, you bring delight everywhere you grace with your presence. Enjoy a special night out after a long, and often challenging week. Your mineral scope is corundum.

Pisces—You’re low on energy this week Pisces. Try not to let that stop you from completing some very important work. If need be, set small goals throughout the week and reward yourself with a daydreaming spell or better yet, a nap. By the end of it all, you’ll be satisfied with your accomplishments. Your poem scope is “Soledad” by Robert Hayden.

Thank you for reading the Horoscopes this week. They are meant purely to entertain.

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