Horoscopes January 10- 16

By Patricia El Koury

Aries—You may have lost something before it even really started Aries. This may have you down for a while, but think of the time commitments it would have required. There are other activities that are just as rewarding, but put less strain on your life. Enjoy what you have and prepare for a bright future.

Taurus—You may have been a tad careless with your words lately Taurus. You probably didn’t even realize it, but a certain subject has become rather touchy with family or friends. It may be financial or possibly favoritism, but nip it in the bud while you still can. There’s no need to have people feel overlooked, especially when it isn’t in your nature to do so.

Gemini—Going a bit overboard lately Gemini? You are a vibrant and artistic sort of person, but too much can send you and your loved ones into an emotional spiral. Try to step back and think about some steps to take before plunging into action. You don’t want to wait too long, but you should try and have a plan this time around.

Cancer—Celebrating the things you’ve accomplished is more important than ever Cancer. You always amaze the people around you with your light optimism so now is a great time to take responsibility for all the wonderful things you’ve managed to do. Some people on the outside might take notice of your inner strength and offer you something of value.

Leo—You’ve been so caught up in making something right with someone, that you forgot what went wrong in the first place Leo. All these gestures will mean so much more to them if you open the conversation to them. Let the other person explain why they were hurt in order show them you’re really listening this time. Good luck!

Virgo—You’ve got to let go of these little insecurities Virgo. You want everybody’s approval, but you really don’t need it. Look to yourself for the answers. All the advice doled out by friends and family won’t be as valuable as the advice you have within yourself. You already know what you’ll choose, so go for it.

Libra—Trying to hold the group together can’t always be your job Libra. Sometimes people need you to step back so they can see why they needed you in the first place. Also, someone in authority is giving you the run around about budgets and paperwork. Just remember, it’s their job to be stingy, but it’s your job to look out for what’s fair.

Scorpio—You sometimes have a knack for saying the wrong thing Scorpio. Surely, more than half the jokes popping out of your mouth aren’t intended to hurt anyone. While you shouldn’t have to step on eggshells every time you want to communicate, you should think about how your words might be interpreted.

Sagittarius—You’re on to bigger and, hopefully, better things this month Sagittarius. People are mixed about your decision, but they probably don’t understand what’s going on behind closed doors. Sometimes the events leading up to choices like this are beyond the control of yourself and the people in the trenches with you.

Capricorn—You don’t have to be everybody’s friend Capricorn. Being a good friend to just a few can be much more rewarding than spreading yourself so thin. You don’t have to always be on; true friends will appreciate you, even when your happy switch is turned off. Relax and let go of the good intentioned agenda.

Aquarius—You can’t change into a superhero overnight Aquarius. Someone may be relying on you pretty heavily lately, but they understand that you aren’t always going to be perfect. It is important, however, that you make some kind of plan. Money and responsibilities are trying to get in the way of your dreams, but with some creative planning, you can resolve the two.

Pisces—Jump in with a new group Pisces. They are just as excited to do some creative work as you are, so don’t be shy. Do take the time to hear each person’s ideas though. Nobody likes being bulldozed. Also, if you are thinking of getting some exercise, there’s no time like the present. Get up and moving before you get too distracted by your life.

Thank you for reading the Horoscopes this week. They are meant purely for your entertainment.

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