Haunted Locations in Washington State

By Jay Jang

Paranormal activity has been a human fascination since the earliest of human civilization, and while Washington may not be known for its ancient apparitions, there are many noteworthy sites full of paranormal phenomena. In this article we will discuss three.

Prosser, Washington

Gravity Hill:

Near Prosser Washington it is rumored that there is a hill where gravity seems to pull up instead of down. This however is only a part of the area’s appeal. Rumors of several young female apparitions haunting the area has caused many curious individuals to flock to the location in order to witness both the haunting and the antigravity first hand.

The story goes that on the side of gravity hill there is a gray barn where several girls were allegedly raped and murdered. It is said that if you take your car to gravity hill at night and put it in neutral at the bottom of the hill you will see ghostly apparitions pushing your car up the hill. Some accounts claim that the apparitions wanted them to leave and left hand prints on vehicles they had pushed. Others claim to have witnessed the appearance of a girl with wet hair watching or moving towards them. Some speculated that the girl had come out of the nearby canal but shuddered knowing that the canal no longer holds any water. Gravity hill is very accessible to the public and can be visited by anyone willing to take the drive. On a side note it seems that females who visit the location have more luck witnessing paranormal activities. This is probably because the apparitions feel that they are in danger whereas males are not. This of course is speculation. Video from gravity hill: http://prullmw.xanga.com/videos/66aab855703/ the barn can be seen off to the right.


Carson, Washington

Hotel St. Martin (The Carson Mineral Hot spring):

Within the Columbia River gorge lays several hot springs that have been used for centuries by the inhabitants of the surrounding lands. Believed to have healing properties, the Carson mineral hot spring is visited by Washingtonians year-round. However the history of the hot spring and Hotel St. Martin hold an eerie tale.

Hotel St. Martin was build in 1899 by Isadore St. Martin a retired scout of the Indian wars. However after only eleven years following the construction of his hotel Isadore was stabbed in the chest during an argument. He died shortly after, leaving his wife and his hotel behind. It is said that soon after Isadore’s death, his wife passed away from grief. To this day, staff at the Carson Mineral Hot spring Resort continue to see the ghost of an old woman walking about the second story and in the lobby of the hotel. When workers tried to follow the elderly woman they find nothing but an empty room. People have heard footsteps coming from the third story of the hotel late at night, which is unusual because the third floor is no longer used and is blocked off. Isadore and his wife are buried in St. Martin cemetery in Skamania, Washington and their tombstones list their years of death as 1910 and 1911. Carson Mineral Hot Spring Resort is still in business today.


Maltby, Washington

Maltby Cemetery

The Maltby Cemetery, located on the Redmond Duval Road, is home to 35 graves and has been the location of eerie phenomena for years. Many people claim to see apparitions dressed in older clothing and wandering about the cemetery, and some even claim to have been struck by some unexplained force. However the truly frightening part of this location is not the cemetery itself, but what lies below.

Known as Maltby’s 13 steps to hell, it is a local legend of a tomb buried underground in Maltby Cemetery. Local teens would get drunk and wander into the cemetery only to come across thirteen stairs leading underground. Although the stairs started at ground level the stairs were said to lead to the tomb of a wealthy family. Local teens would go down the stairs and come across a dirt wall said to be the entrance into the tomb. From there they would turn around to come up the stairs and see not stairs leading up to the cemetery but spirits yelling and agonizing in pain; the subjects would witness hell. The people witnessing this occur would see their friend walk to the bottom of the stairs, turn around, and fall to their knees. Some teens were said to have resurfaced in a nearly comatose state. Today, due to major trespassing the 13 steps have been bulldozed over and have not been found. Teens still go to the cemetery to this day to try and find Maltby’s 13 steps to hell. A first person account of Maltby’s 13 Steps can be found here http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=81354. It is up to you whether to believe it or not.

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2 Responses to Haunted Locations in Washington State

  1. Patricia

    April 30, 2010 at 9:13 am

    This was a fun read. The antique store, Ankhasha’s in Issaquah is reportedly haunted too, although its been years since I’ve been there. What local spots have other readers heard about?

  2. JWG

    May 3, 2010 at 7:57 am

    I also enjoyed this article. Although I am generally skeptical about this type of thing I have had a personal experience which caused me to look at the issue with more of an open mind. I was in a new apartment getting ready to go to sleep. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a blur of light by the ceiling. At first I thought it was light coming from outside but it happened several times in different spots around the room. Finally I thought “Maybe it is a ghost?” Weird thought but that is what came to me. Maybe I had watched too many Discovery channel shows but I decided to free the ghost by telling it that this was now my apartment and that they could now leave. That is the last I saw of the light. The next day I told one of my neighbors this story and he informed me that the last resident of my unit had died in the apartment.

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